Mid South Liver Alliance is  working with the AASLD to help get important information out about COVID-19 and the special implications for patients with Chronic Liver Disease. 
Within a very few months of the global pandemic of COVID-19 , it became clear that the virus was more severe in patients over the age of 65, people who lived in close quarters such as nursing homes and long-term care facilities and for those with some other health risk factors. The CDC has listed long-standing severe disease of the liver, kidneys, lungs and obesity as risk factors associated with more severe COVID-19 infections.
The AASLD has been carefully updating the latest science and recommendations for liver patients and the risks for COVID-19. There you will find vaccine recommendations and other information to keep liver patients safe during the pandemic: Check out the AASLD website:    http://www.aasldfoundation.org/patients/patients