The Walking Videos!

Welcome to the Walking Videos Collection for Walk With Me! We hope you return every day to find a walking partner for the number of steps you plan to take. Remember that you should challenge yourself to walk a little longer/farther with your walks with a goal of walking 10,000 steps each day.

Walking helps Liver Health whether you do all your steps all at once or split the walks and take shorter ones at different times during the day.

In every case, remember to stretch out, stay hydrated, pay attention to the walking area for any traffic or trip hazards!  Wear comfortable walking shoes and good socks! And remember to breathe, take in the scenery and enjoy the journey! Walking is not a race so go at your own speed! 

We hope you enjoy every Walk With Me video and return here every day to pick a new video OR to repeat your walk with your favorite buddy. 

300 Steps

500 Steps

1000 Steps

2500 Steps

5000 Steps

10,000 Steps