Biliary Atresia

Sometimes liver disease is a congenital condition. You were just born with it. Biliary Atresia is a condition that impacts newborns and infants and will require fast attention to prevent liver damage.

In these infants, the ducts (tubes) that carry bile are clogged or not formed correctly. Bile is the digestive liquid that breaks down food.

When bile gets stuck or trapped in the liver it causes scarring, leaving the liver severely damaged or even causing death if undetected or untreated quickly.

Fortunately, Biliary Atresia is relatively rare, happening in one out of ever 10-15,000 live births in the United States. It occurs slightly more often in female babies than in males but can happen to either sex.


The treatment for Biliary Atresia is surgical. The damaged ducts outside the liver are removed and a little piece of the patient’s small intestine is used to create a new tube.



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