Mid South Liver Alliance works because people across our area have made providing help for liver patients a priority. To each of you, we are grateful for your help and promise that every dollar you contribute will stretch as far as possible in supporting the network of provider and patient services that work for direct care, research and education.

Whether you are making a contribution once or every month, and whether you are providing ongoing support or are participating in a special event with us, the work you are funding makes a difference each and every day for your family, friends and neighbors who are facing the complicated journey of liver disease.

From patient newborns through older adults to their family, friends and caregivers who are learning to live with the demands of liver illness to the network of primary providers and specialists in liver diseasse, the Mid South Liver Alliance strives to bring updated information and a continuum of care in our effort to improve health and life for those with liver disease.

We hope that everyone will join us in the steps we take to help those with liver disease.

We are grateful for your financial contribution and hope that you will continue to join us as a volunteer in your community to help with fundraising activities, direct services with patients who may need a ride to an appointment and to helping us spread information to alert people to signs of liver problems.

On Behalf of the Mid South Liver Alliance and With Gratitude,


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