You’ve gotten the news that you have some liver disease or maybe you are just looking for a way to help this hard-working organ before you have a diagnosis of liver disease. The question is what to do now. The challenge to walk or increase your exercise, eat a healthy diet and keep your weight in a normal range are all the basics to overall healthier status, but there are good and bad foods when it comes to liver disease and you may be pleasantly surprised to discover some of the “good” choices you can make.

So let’s get the food and drinks to avoid out of the way so that we can focus on all the great things that you can and should have in your daily diet.

The “No” foods include:

  • Alcohol
  • Fried Foods
  • Processed Foods – Always start fresh!
  • High Salt Foods
  • Sugary Foods
  • White Flour – cake, doughnuts, muffins
  • Soda

So here are “YES” foods:

What to drink?

Coffee! In fact, you can have 3 cups of Joe a day. With its ability to protect from liver cancer, decrease the development of cirrhosis, and prevent the collagen and fat from building up in the liver makes that morning cup of coffee a Good Drink.

Tea! The actual Tea not extracts! Especially Green Teas are high in antioxidants and have been found to lower liver markers when you drink around 4 cups a day across 12 weeks.

Grapefruit!  Whether you prefer the fruit or the juice, grapefruit is associated with protecting the liver and reducing inflammation.

Blueberries and Cranberries! A daily dose of berries helps to protect the liver with their antioxidants and ability to slow liver scar tissue.

What to eat?

Salmon! Salmon has omega-3 fatty acids that are important to keep balanced with omega-6 to promote liver health. While most people find plenty of omega-6, they are often deficient in omega-3. Salmon is a great protein to add to your diet to help balance the omega-3: omega-6 fatty. Omega-3 fatty acids lower liver fats and triglycerides.

Nuts! A perfect snack food or addition to a salad or dish, nuts are full of Vitamin E and other nutrients that help with liver health.

Veggies! Broccoli and Brussels sprout contain high fiber and enzymes that detoxify and protect the liver.

Olive Oil! – Olive Oil decreases the fat in the blood vessels supporting the liver which improves liver enzyme levels.